Kanye West, perhaps, is brilliant in his megalomania and creativity, but he also has crises, as a result of which he has to borrow ideas from other celebrities. So, at least, considers the singer Lord, who accused Kanye of stealing her stage work. The rapper Kid Kadi, who performed with West at the Camp Flog Gnaw concert, also fell under the charge.

A few years ago, the New Zealand singer appeared in a transparent cage on the stage with the dancers and was very proud of this idea. Until now, the girl uses this decoration in the show, so she was very surprised when she saw that Kanye and Kid took advantage of her idea the other day and made the exact same design at their concert.

The Lord even made a selection of photos and posted it on social networks with an outraged post: “I am very proud of my ideas. It’s cool when they are so good that other musicians use them in their shows. But remember: never steal. Neither women nor anyone else.

This is how the “cage” looked like with Lord and her dancers at the Coachella festival in 2018

This is a photo from the Kanye West concert.

“Cage” on the Lord’s speech

“Cage” at the Kanye concert

So far the rapper has not responded to the charges of plagiarism, but perhaps there is another interesting media war ahead of us, which, as we know, Kanye loves very much.