A couple of weeks ago, Dua Lipa published a photo of herself as a child, noting 30 million subscribers on her Instagram page. What was the surprise of the singer, when along with congratulations in the comments there were many accusations that she increased her lips in the picture. Obviously, users did not want to be appeased, and the star had to respond to the claims.

“No one will ever believe that these lips are natural,” “Why do you need photoshop for a child’s photo, you don’t need it?”

There were so many similar reviews that Dua Lipa could not stand it and published a whole series of photos so that doubters could better see her lips from different angles. “People who claim that I otfotoshopila my children’s photos in order to make my lips look bigger, just crazy! I can’t believe that I have to protect myself, ”the star wrote.

This time most of the followers took the side of the singer and advised her not to pay attention to haters. “People just cannot realize that many people are born with full lips”, “No need to make excuses for the abnormal,” “Relax, you know perfectly well that your beauty is natural and natural,” fans wrote.