Recently, the royal family has not been calm: the sons of Princess Diana are unfriendly to each other. The British believe , that the role of an arbitrator shall perform 37-year-old Kate Middleton.

Prince William and Prince Harry do not hide the fact that they now have a difficult relationship. William was initially wary of Meghan Markle , he did not like the desire of the former actress to violate royal traditions. Harry defended his beloved woman and asked his older brother not to interfere. The tension between Her Majesty’s grandchildren has peaked in recent months.

Royal expert Keith Nichols said , that will end the conflict Duchess of Cambridge. According to Nicholds , Middleton is a diplomat by nature and is respected by both brothers.

“ She has this unique quality , she is a peacemaker. In public, the duchess behaves with restraint , but in the family she has a special important role. Moreover , they listen to her opinion. Over all these years, she has proven her wisdom and judgment. Kate will reconcile William and Harry, ”said Nichols in an interview with  Express .

The expert clarified , that Kate is considered the voice of reason within the family. “It reminds the brothers , that the quarrel is primarily harmful to the whole family. And it’s important for them to stick together, ”she added.

With the opinion of Nichols, her colleagues agree. Many worry about Middleton , who is preparing to become the queen’s successor. “I am sure , that it is unsweetened. The whole world is looking at her and evaluating her actions. Kate is not stupid and knows that she must live up to the expectations of the British. But , of course , this is a lot of pressure on her. Let’s be honest , who is born with the ability to lead the country? ”Said The Sun source .

Kate and Harry have a lot of fans. Fans consider their union worthy of imitation. The close environment of the spouses revealed the secret of their marriage. Middleton said what tricks she has to go for the sake of a healthy diet for children.