After the blood-curdling Netflix series You and her big breakthrough as Emily Fields in the hit series Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell is now on the silver screen. The PLL star has managed to win a role in The Possession Of Hannah Grace. And the trailer gives you instant goosebumps!

Forget about Pretty Little Liars, after seeing the nerve-racking first images of The Possession Of Hannah Grace, the ticking of ‘A’ is child’s play. In the brand new trailer, we see how Shay’s character, Megan, goes to work in a mortuary while she tries to deal with serious traumas from her past. Not only does her mysterious history catch up with her, she also finds out that one of the bodies is not really dead. And then it starts …


The film tells the story of the young Hannah Grace, who unfortunately is killed by exorcism. A demon takes over her body and terrorizes the world around herself from the body of the late Hannah.

More from The Possession Of Hannah Grace? Then put November 29 in your diary, then the terrifying film is on the silver screen!