One part of the first part was able to speak at an event.

Taking into account the news and rumors of recent months, we are confident that Doctor Strange will be prepared, the only question is when. There is growing evidence that Marvel’s favorite wizard is filling the space left by Galaxy Guardians on the calendar after James Gunn left the project for an indefinite period of time. 

Right now, Pop Goes The World reported that it was present at Fan Expo Vancouver 2018, where Doctor Strange and the Odds: Endless War, Benedict Wong, was there and was supposed to confirm that he was hoping to begin this year the rotation of the sequel. 


Was this directed by Scott Derrickson director with his previous references ? Anyway, Marvel Studios probably will not announce anything about Doctor Strange 2 until the Rogues 4 appears in theaters in April 2019, but if you really start shooting another character in Benedict Cumberbatch’s character this year, we’re probably going to be notified about the World Wide Web thanks. Would you be happy if the eccentric doctrine story continued?