Hollywood actress Sharon Stone said she survived after a lightning strike. About this on June 11, writes The Sun.

She shared her memories with comedian Brett Goldstein for his podcast, without specifying when exactly this happened. According to Stone, she was exposed to an electric charge at a time when she was drawing water from a tap in the kitchen, and at that time lightning struck the well, which was responsible for the water supply in the house.

“I was thrown into the air and thrown through the whole kitchen. I hit the fridge. I was shocked, ”said the actress, adding that for some time she lay motionless on the floor.

According to her, her mother was at that moment and was able to bring her to her senses in time, and then take her to a hospital in Beverly Hills.

Stone claims that the results of the ECG on admission showed that an electric charge remained in her body, so she had to spend 10 days under the supervision of doctors.

Earlier, the actress talked about her brain hemorrhage in 2001. According to Stone, doctors then estimated her chances of survival at 5%.