The Undersecretary of the Italian Ministry of Health, Sandra Zampa, expected that Europe will reach the production of an anti-Coronavirus vaccine, before the United States.

“There is great competition with America, but I think Europe has everything necessary to be the first to get a vaccine against the emerging COVID-19 infection,” Zampa said during a video bridge seminar Thursday.

In turn, the Italian Health Minister, Roberto Speranza, announced during a parliamentary briefing, on Thursday, an Italian-German-Dutch alliance to develop a prospective vaccine to prevent the virus.

“In recent weeks, Italy has been a pioneer of a strong initiative in Europe, with my colleagues from Germany, France and the Netherlands, we have built a pioneering alliance to supply the vaccine to all European countries,” said Spirantsa.

He added, “The federation must be able to guarantee, through a fair and transparent process, that everyone will have access to the vaccine.”

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly announced that his administration expects to have a successful vaccine against the emerging corona virus until the end of this year.