Accused of sexual behavior displaced by several women, including a Democratic senator, Donald Trump vehemently retorted on Twitter, while implying that it was “ready for anything” against money.

“Fake news!” The US president Donald Trump lashed out Tuesday via his Twitter account, the “invented stories” of women who accuse him of engaging in sexual inappropriate behavior towards them. He also attacked Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, claiming in an ambiguous tweet that she was “ready for anything” for money.


It’s early in the day, mocking nicknames in support, that Donald Trump drew. “Despite thousands of hours lost and millions of dollars wasted, the Democrats have been unable to demonstrate any collusion with Russia,” he said, in an allusion to the investigation of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, on the alleged links of his team members with Moscow . “So, they turn to false accusations and invented stories of women I do not know and / or have never met FAKE NEWS!”.

“Sexual slanders”

In another tweet, the billionaire then attacked, in a particularly violent tone, the senator of New York, Kirsten Gillibrand. Describing her as a person who, “not so long ago, came to [his] office begging for donations for his campaign,” he added that she was “ready for anything” to obtain this funding.

Far from calming the controversy, his virulent response has unsurprisingly triggered an avalanche of indignant reactions. “I will not keep quiet about this, any more than the women who stood up to the president yesterday,” Kirsten Gillibrand immediately responded, denouncing “sexist slanders”.

The senator, whose name circulates to wear the colors of democracy in the presidential election of 2020, was the first to call for the resignation of his Democratic colleague Al Franken, accused of actions taken by several women.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, herself a target of recurrent attacks by the billionaire, denounced the remarks and insinuations of the 45 th president of the United States. “Are you really trying to intimidate and impress Senator Gillibrand and silence her with salacious undertones?” She said to the president. “Do you know who you are attacking, good luck Donald Trump”.


Meanwhile, California Democrat Dianne Feinstein blasted “another repugnant tweet” from Donald Trump. “This man has a problem, it’s as simple as that,” the senator added, suggesting she delete her Twitter account “for the good of the country.”

54 Democrat Democrats Call for an Investigation

If, for several weeks, the #MeToo movement , launched after the revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein seemed to spare the White House tenant, the deal could be changing on the question of his attitude towards women.

Three of them, who had already blamed him during the presidential campaign of 2016, found themselves together on Monday on a television set to demand the Congress to open an investigation into the president of the United States. United.

Rachel Crooks, a former receptionist at the Trump Tower in New York, recounted how, in 2005, when she was 22, the real estate mogul kissed her without her consent. “I was shocked, annihilated,” she testified, explaining that she felt “a bit threatened”.

On Monday, a group of 54 elected Democrats in the House of Representatives sent a letter to the House Scrutiny Committee demanding an investigation. “We can not ignore the multitude of women who have made accusations against Mr. Trump,” they write.

The White House has vigorously challenged any sexual connotation in this early tweet. “You have to have the wrong mind to read it like that,” said Sarah Sanders, spokeswoman for the US executive.

Donald Trump, she said, has repeatedly used the same terminology in the past, targeting both women and men, to denounce patronage and the place of money in a political system that “no longer works”.