The Big Boss of Disney Bob Iger does not see any problem to let a product Marvel address an adult public.

Disney seems ready to jump into the marvelous universe of products for a mature audience … if the license lends itself to it. According to the Hollywood Reporter , in a call with investors after the takeover of the Fox, Bob Iger, the great manitou of Disney, has explicitly talked about the license Deadpool and a little more widely Marvel. He stated :

“Deadpool has been and will always be a Marvel licensed product. But we think there is an adult window for the Marvel brand, for example with Deadpool. ”

That’s good you can breathe, Deadpool 2 will stay Rated R. But do not dream, huh, when Iger talks about “window”, he talks about money, not passion. As a reminder, the two R-rated R-rated movies reported a hell of a lot: Logan earned $ 616 million in 2017 and Deadpool $ 783 million in 2016. And Disney is quite ready to exploit this vein. As long as this image does not harm the other brands of the studio, of course … Deadpool 2 will be released on May 30, 2018.