Interviewed Saturday, July 13 after the final of Winbledon, the tennis player has chosen to let go of his microphone rather than discuss his fight for equality and its impact on his life as a sportswoman.

True feminist icon, Serena Williams always responds when it comes to being on the ground to fight the different inequalities in the world . In the middle of a press conference, a journalist chose to ask Alexis Olympia’s mother a question … She did not appreciate it at all!

Asked about the comments of recent weeks that suggested that the tennis player should stop being a celebrity for a year and no longer fight for equality in order to focus solely on tennis, Meghan Markle’s friend has gave a cash answer before letting go of his microphone: ”  The day I stop fighting for equality and for people like us, you and I will be the day I’m in my grave.  “

One thing is certain, the tennis champion will never let her job stop her from fighting for what she believes . If the journalist asked Serena Williams about her choice of lives, it was to answer the statements of another tennis star! Indeed, Billie Jean King, a retired tennis player, reportedly said, ”  She has a baby, she tries to defend gender equality and especially women of color. It makes things a lot harder! I would like her to put all that aside, because there are people who take care of that very well . She would have continued, ”  I would like her to make a commitment of a year or two and say”I will focus on my game so that when I look in the mirror, I can tell myself that I gave everything.”