Actress Selma Blair (49) shows a particularly vulnerable side in the documentary ‘Introducing, Selma Blair’. In the trailer, released today, Selma shows how she lives with the disease MS, including undergoing a stem cell transplant.

Selma, who became known for films such as Hellboy and Cruel Intentions , was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in August 2019, a disease of the central nervous system that causes paralysis and loss of consciousness. “I was told to make plans to die,” she says in the trailer.

The video shows, among other things, how Selma undergoes a stem cell transplant. Shortly after diagnosis, the disease worsened, causing her to have difficulty speaking and also had to walk with a cane. After her chemotherapy, she said she was given ‘a second chance to live’.

Arthur, Blair’s ten-year-old son, is one of the reasons she keeps fighting, she says. “This is it. The only life we ​​get. My illness is not a tragedy and I promised myself, ‘You are going to live in a way that will be an example to yourself and your son.'”

The documentary will be released in October on the discovery+ streaming service and in select cinemas.