Selena Gomez would like to improve in Spanish

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Selena Gomez knows now how important it is that she speaks Spanish well! The singer intends to fully assume its origins …

Selena Gomez wants to improve her Spanish to fully assume her Mexican roots. In an interview with Harper’s Bazar magazine, the singer explained that she no longer wanted to hide her origins because of her career. ” I look at myself in the morning in the mirror and I say to myself: Dude, I would like to know Spanish better, ” she explained. In general, I try to separate my career from my culture. Because I do not want people to judge me when I do not know who I am. 

Before proudly adding, ” And now more than ever, I’m proud of it. But I still have to learn Spanish . 

Selena Gomez, her awareness

Several years ago, Selena Gomez realized that she had a role to play for her fans, even when she was on the set of her Disney series “The Wizards of Waverly Place”. When meeting a woman who told her how important it was for her daughters to see that a ” Latin woman can be in this position and realize her dreams, ” the singer said she understood that she ” meant something for the girls. people “that day, and that its origins were important.

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