In a new interview, the singer said that in those videos “she was not”.

Recently, Selena Gomez has made significant progress in “self-acceptance” and therefore began to communicate more honestly and openly with fans. In a recent interview with Allure, Selena made a confession about her naughty videos in which she starred in lingerie, in particular, the video for songs from the album Revival. She said.

It was not my real me. I was pressured to look more mature for the Revival album [Selena was 23 then, now 28]. It seemed that I needed to show more skin. But I think it wasn’t me.

Probably, Selena’s openness is due to the fact that she finally found out the cause of her unstable psycho-emotional state: she was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which Gomez does not stop talking about. The singer considers this a real discovery, because knowledge of the diagnosis helped her to know herself much better and more effectively deal with problems.

Now the singer keeps a “healthy space” around her so as not to worry once again. She admitted that she does not read comments, does not post anything about herself on TikTok, and does not “google” her own name.

Because my heart is too sensitive

– noted the star.