“It doesn’t matter who you are. The main thing is be yourself!” – This is the slogan of a new sports brand advertising campaign.

PUMA launched the second part of the campaign “Be Yourself!”, Thus trying to remind the public about the right of everyone to express themselves – in life, style and social position. In support of the campaign, three models of sneakers were released – Muse, Cali and Nova, which presented Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne. 

The key silhouette of February – Muse Trailblazer – presented Cara. The elastic design of the shoe tightly fits the foot, but does not put pressure on it, the breathing textile top improves ventilation, and the Ignite shock-absorbing technology softens every step and gives strength to the next.

Also Delevingne poses in the lookbook in the Nova model, which is characterized by a voluminous sole, mesh and suede inserts and design elements of the 90s.

Selena tried on the Cali model, whose laconic silhouette was inspired by the Californian coast. Following the main trends in sneaker culture, Cali was complemented by a massive sole with a bright logo on the heel. The model is presented in several colors.  

Sneakers are already available for purchase at all PUMA stores and on the website.