Miley Cyrus graced the cover of the new edition of Vanity Fair and gave a frank interview. The singer told about the fire in Malibu, the wedding with Chris Hemsworth and much more. 

“The reason why people get married may seem old-fashioned to many, but I don’t think so, because this is a kind of new era. We are all changing. Now you can see what queer looks like (collective term used to refer to sexual and gender minorities that do not correspond to heterosexual or cisgender identity – Approx. Ed.), Like me, in heterosexual relationships. I am very proud to be queer, ”Miley says. “I believe that people fall in love with people, and not with sex, not with looks, not with anything. What I am in love with is almost a spiritual level. This has nothing to do with sexuality. The relationship of the new generation has nothing to do with sexuality or sex. Sex is actually a small part, and sex is an even smaller, almost insignificant part of a relationship. ” 

Cyrus tries to see in all a positive side. Her house with Liam in Malibu burned down due to large fires, which also burned down the houses of many other stars. The singer admitted that the loss of the house only further rallied her with her lover. “Liam was the only person in the world who could understand me. I would say that the loss of a house has changed us much more than a wedding, for example. We could wear rings forever, and I definitely didn’t plan on getting married. I put on a dress on my wedding day, because I liked it, I straightened my hair, because I liked it, but this does not make me instantly heterosexual (PS: heterosexual women are also cool). My relationship is very special to me, this is my home. ” 

“What Liam and I went through together changed us. I’m not sure that without losing a house in Malibu, we would be ready to take this step, who can say now, how would it be? But the time was chosen correctly, this decision was made by the heart. No one guarantees that tomorrow will come, so I try to live in the present. ”