It took a while for fans of American Horror Story to get used to the idea that Evan Peters would not be back next season. And now the media has reported another sad news: in the upcoming episodes will not appear another of his main star – Sarah Paulson.

The fact that the actress will miss the ninth season of “American Horror Story”, said the publication Variety. According to the portal, Paulson will not play one of the main roles, as usual, but is rumored to be able to take part in a cameo. This is a serious blow to fans of the show, since Sarah, along with Evan, is the only actress who appeared in all eight seasons of the series, not counting the fact that she played three roles at once in the past season. The creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, will have to write a really exciting story for new episodes so that fans will not notice the absence of two main stars of the popular project.

Little is yet known about the ninth season of American Horror Story. The upcoming series will unite under the name “1984” and pay homage to the horror films of that era. For example, they include the Friday 13th ribbon. In April, the showrunner shared with the audience the first teaser, in which an unfamiliar girl in the forest runs away from a maniac chasing her with a knife. Although the face of the pursuer was not shown, it is quite possible that he will appear in the show in a mask like a mask of Jason Voorhees.