A few hours ago, Jessica Chastain announced the start of filming the spy thriller “355”, the distinctive feature of which will be exclusively female cast on the main roles in the person of Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyongo and Diana Kruger. The last paparazzi have already managed to catch in Paris with a weapon in their hands.

Only recently did photographers guard Diana Kruger to capture her with her daughter in her arms. Now the “Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus will be walking with the child, since his lover has started shooting the film “355”. Obviously, the creators started the shooting process with action scenes, because on one frame Kruger in a cute pink dress aims at someone from a pistol, while on others riding a motorcycle is either hiding from the chase, or is going to start a pursuit.

In a video posted on an Instagram account, Jessica Chastain said that the original idea of ​​the film belongs to her. According to her, she loves the spy genre and thought about the film with the female cast during the filming of “X-Men.” Probably, the idea liked the director of “Dark Phoenix” Simon Kinberg, and he took the director’s chair of the project.

It is remarkable, but the idea of ​​the actress is not revolutionary, because this year the audience will see another spy fighter with women – “Charlie’s Angels”, and later the movie “Birds of Prey” will be released on screens, which will tell about the group of superheroines.