After the success of Birdbox , actress and producer Sandra Bullock, together with  The Lego Batman Movie filmmaker Chris McKay, is working on a new film for Netflix. It is still unclear whether Bullock also has a role in the film.

The Netflix orginal is a film version of the Millarworld comic book series Reborn. The science fiction story is about eighty-year-old Bonnie Black, who dies in a hospital in New York. The protagonist is reborn in the fantasy world Adystra, a magical land of monsters and dragons. There, previously deceased friends and family are waiting for Bonnie, but her deceased husband is missing. Together with her father she goes in search of her lover.

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The project falls under the deal that Netflix has made with the Millarworld company in 2017. Reborn ‘s arrival is in line with other previously announced Millarworld projects of Netflix, including Jupiter’s Legacy .

Bullock has recently had success with Netflix. She played the leading role in Bird Box by director Susanne Bier. It became one of the most streamed films for the platform.

Trailer of Bird Box

The film thanked her notoriety for the so-called ‘Bird Box Challenge’, which challenged people to walk blindfolded like the main characters in the film. The trend caused a fuss on the internet. Netflix warned people not to continue the online trend because of the dangers.