On Tuesday as pair of Wild fires continued to burn San Gabriel Mountains hundreds of homes were under a mandatory evacuation.

Around Monday noon both the fires began with the difference of an hour about the cities of Duarte and Azusa.

According to the L.A County Sheriff’s Dept. more than 3,200 acres had been scorched by the “Fish Fire” burning above the Duarte and forced about 600 residents of the area to evacuated to the safer places.

Oredered for the mandatory evacuation were passed to the resident of Markwood Street between Wesvale Road and Greenbank Avenue, areas north of Deerlane Drive between Greenbank Avenue and Mountain Crest Road, and for residents in the Mount Olive Drive area just northwest of Conata Street, including those residents in the Spinks Canyon Road, Rim Road, Goldenmeadow Drive, High Mesa Drive, and Tall Pink Drive.
Several Roads has been closed and people are advised to avoid those roads. Glendora Mountain road, Glendora Ridge road and Mount Laurel way at San Gabriel Canyon road the ones which have been closed due to fire.

Although fire dept. crew struggling with the fires but they have kept fire from burning any homes. Fire dept. planned to use 2 helicopters to battle the fire.

“The Reservoir Fire” is burning only a short distance away and is located near the Morris Dam on HWY 39 above Azusa.

Almost 1500 acress had been burnt by the Reservoir Fire and zero % was contained. Fatal crash of pickup truck on side of HWy 39 Was the cause of fire near the Morris Dam about 11:15 a.m Monday.

In San Gabriel Canyon round about 300 fire fighters worked to control the blazing fire while evacuations were underway.
people living near Mountain Cove, Camp William and Glendora Mountain were under mandatory evacuation.