Jerry “The King” Lawler wrestling iconic and his fiancee both were arrested for domestic violence charges at thier home.

On Thursday night Jerry “The King” the famous wrestler and his fiancee Lauryn McBride were both arrested on domestic assault charges. Lawler 66 and Lauryn McBride 27 has been living together at 400 Block of St. Nick Drive.

According to the statement given by Lauryn McBride that she got into an argument which turned into violent one. She claimed that Lawler held her against the Kitchen counter and then he also hit on the left side of her head and Lawler also pushed her again th stove. And after Lawler went upstairs and brought unloaded pistol and ask her to shoot her self.

on the Other hand Lawler claimed that thier argument started when McBride lied about where she had been. He also claimed that she through candle on him and she is the one who brought pistol out of garage.
Jerry also told police that Lauryn was intoxicated and he tried to stop her for going out with her vehicle.

Both McBride and Jerry The King were taken to regional medical center before they were taken to jail. On Monday both will be presented to the court.