The photo allows to discover the back of the famous phablette which will be presented next August!

For those who would ask the question: the boss of Samsung uses many Samsung products. And can afford to have the latest in date before everyone – logical! In any case this is confirmed by a photo of DJ Koh, big boss of the mobile division of the South Korean firm, in which the man has in his hand the phablet planned for this summer: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The photo, although in a low quality, at least confirms the existence of an S-Pen – no wonder – and to talk again about the phablet.

The phablette exists and she is coming soon

This photo appeared on the web while DJ Koh was in China. While the man is sitting, we see him use the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 whose back is more or less visible. First observation? The location of the fingerprint reader has changed to just below the dual sensor. The latter will not be placed under the slab as early rumors could predict. One would expect to see this technology come down with the tenth generation of the phablette – and at the Samsung Galaxy S10.

DJ Koh also uses an S-Pen. A stylus that should offer many features. For example, rumors mention the possibility of using it as a microphone with a built-in speaker, able to communicate with a connected speaker, to program a snapshot, etc. The boss of the mobile division of Samsung also said in his speech that the focus would be on video games. No wonder when we see the success of these on the mobile platform. It’s not portages like Fortnite or exclusives like Pokemon Go and its augmented reality that will make us say the opposite!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be presented on August 9th.