Grammy-award winning and chart-topping MC Chance the Rapper has previously shared his love for Fortnite, once encouraging developer Epic Games to bring the game to Nintendo Switch. However, Chance is also a staunch defender of creator’s rights. This is why he recently took aim at Epic Games over its business practices regarding Fortnite emotes and the lack of proper credit for their original creators.

In a post on Twitter, Chance the Rapper said that Fortnite should include “the actual rap songs behind the dances that make so much money as emotes.” The rapper suggested that the black creatives who created the dances are losing out because they made them popular but never monetized them. As a result, these creatives don’t get a cut of the money that players spend on unlocking the dance emotes in Fortnite.


Unsurprisingly, Chance’s comments have caused a bit of a rift in the Fortnite community. On one side, people staunchly agree with Chance the Rapper, noting that Fortnite makes hundreds of millions of dollars each month from the sale of emotes and other cosmetics. Epic Games can afford to offer some royalties to the dance creators or pay to license their songs and in doing so would earn the company goodwill among creatives and the players who love the emotes so much.