Information, as always, to take with tweezers.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 would begin to deliver its secrets while the Galaxy Note 9 does the same and that users still enjoy the Galaxy S9. According to The Bell, the next flagship of the Korean firm should offer a 3D camera but also the Holy Grail of mobiles: a fingerprint reader under the screen! Of course, these rumors relayed by the site are to take with huge tweezers until nothing has been formalized by Samsung himself – not to mention that the smartphone is not planned before a good time!

New features at the rendezvous

As explained above, The Bell confirms the addition of a fingerprint reader under the screen for the Galaxy S10 – a function that should also be equipped with the Galaxy Note 9 according to the latest rumors. A 3D camera like iPhone X would also be present: so imagine a facial recognition ever more. As always, the Infinity Display will be the party with a borderless design and summarizing the latest Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9! Availability level, The Bell speaks of 2019 while the engineers of the South Korean firm currently floor on the smartphone while the Galaxy Note 9 is still expected. To return to the Galaxy S10 screen, the latter should offer 5.8 inches while the S10 + version will get 6.3 inches. Artificial intelligence should also be at the rendezvous for the future phone. And for good reason: many builders rely on this technology for the next few years. It is therefore important for the giants in the field to take the lead as quickly as possible in such a competitive market: Huawei and Apple rode like the rising Chinese firms – OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi … Thanks to artificial intelligence, the promise a personalized experience and a smartphone that adapts to the user over the days until becoming unique for the latter!