Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong is not going to file a report for a leaked sex video on which she can be seen.


A declaration would currently have too great an emotional impact on De Jong, let its former manager Jake Hampel know about  RTL Boulevard.

“Indeed, the damage and the emotional recovery when everything is going to be re-set is too big,” says Hampel. “She weighed everything against each other and chose to work on her recovery and leave everything behind.” However, De Jong may still be able to visit the police later on.

The person who leaked the film, contacted De Jong and demanded a ” considerable sum of money ” to stop the recording, and when De Jong did not join in, the video was brought out.

De Jong (28) made a suicide attempt in mid-January. Her daughter Angelina and son Milano now stay with their father Michael van der Plas in Spain.