A couple of days ago, the profile of Blake Lively in Instagram underwent significant changes – from her numerous publications there was no trace, and the number of subscriptions of the actress was noticeably reduced. Moreover, the 30-year-old star unsubscribed even from her 43-year-old spouse Ryan Reynolds, which could not help noticing the loyal fans of the couple, and subscribed to 38 people, who by chance name are Emily Nelson.

Reynolds, known for his sense of humor, had already commented on the situation and asked why his wife stopped his friendship with him in social networks, responded in his usual manner:

 Yes, she really did it. And I’m very upset because of this. It’s a terrible way to find out that you were kicked out of the house. Just awful, He joked.

In fact, fans of the stellar couple should not worry. Blake was not depressed, and there was no quarrel between her and her husband. The thing is that this behavior of the actress in Instagram is just a promotional action in support of the film ” Simple Pleasure ” (A Simple Favor), in which Blake plays the main role (and her name is Emily Nelson).

We will not see new publications from Blake for quite a long time – such Instagram, apparently, will be until September 13, until the picture is released in the world’s rental.