The Russian Defense Ministry even released a video showing the first test of a weapon that creates “radioactive tsunamis”.

The underwater “field test” of the Poseidon 2M39 torpedo has left some experts concerned.5A clip released by the Russian Defense Ministry showed glowing waves created by the weapon Credit: Russian Defense Ministry

A video of the weapon was published by Russian media and appears to show the weapon dropped by several soldiers on a submarine.

It also features weird green waves as a result of the supposed explosion.

The nuclear weapon can be dropped to the seabed by a submarine or ship and pass through coastal defenses until it reaches the desired location.

Then, its nuclear warhead is designed to explode, sending a tsunami of radioactive waves over the targeted coastline.

Russian media tweeted a video of the torpedo test Credit: Twitter / RT_com

Nuclear weapons can leave the earth radioactive and dangerous for human habitation, so the impacts of a weapon like this could be devastating.

Radioactive water would also have serious consequences for the environment and destroy the habitats of many species.

First announced in 2015, some people believed the Poseidon 2M39 would not come to fruition, but it looks like Russia has made some progress on its plans.

The weapon is said to move slowly and deep underwater, but can increase in speed if detected.

Christopher A Ford, former assistant secretary of state for international security and non-proliferation, has previously told CNN that the torpedo is designed to “flood American coastal cities with radioactive tsunamis.”

Russia has set up military bases in the Arctic Credit: © 2021 Maxar Technologies, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

The torpedo is not the only weapon Russia is currently working on Credits: Getty

Russia confirmed that the torpedo field test was successful.

The exact specifications remain confidential, but the Poseidon 2M39 is believed to be able to travel at top speeds of 100 km / h, according to the Eurasian Times.

Russia is testing some of its latest weapons in the Arctic.

Satellite images revealed a large military base in snowy conditions.

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