Jackie Chan is currently on tour for the release of her newest film, The Foreigner . A reporter asked if Rush Hour 4 was finally going to happen. The actor’s answer will surely appeal to several film enthusiasts!

” For the last seven years, the script has been turned down several times. Yesterday, we finally agreed. We’ll have a second version of the screenplay by the end of the month and next year, we’ll probably start shooting. 

After three episodes which took place respectively in Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong, Jackie Chan could soon return to the big screen! He said, however, that  Chris Tucker had not yet agreed to resume its role.

” It’s not about money. He has to have time to do it. (…) I said to Chris, “Before we’re old, please, let’s do Rush Hour 4!” 

Rush Hour achieved immense success throughout the world in the early 2000s. The action comedy tells of the encounter between a Hong Kong police inspector and a Los Angeles police officer.