It is still unclear how the rapper died. There may be a connection with a shooting in the center of Rotterdam on New Year’s morning.

The Rotterdam rapper Feis died on Tuesday morning at the age of 32. His good friend and fellow Rotterdammer Tony Pengel, better known as rapper U-Niq, has let you know via Facebook. “My whole year ruined by serious grief. My brothers! Why now? “

Kees de Koning, boss of hiphop record label TopNotch, writes on Instagram on Tuesday morning : “I can not believe it. You go missing, your super talent, sense of humor and how you were always ready for everyone. Rest in peace.”

How Feis, who in reality is called Faisal Mssyeh, is deceased is still unclear. There may be a connection with the shooting that took place in the inner city of Rotterdam at 5.15 am on New Year’s Eve. However, the police can not confirm this to NRC.


On the Nieuwe Binnenweg, two men were injured in a shooting on Tuesday morning. It is a 32-year-old Rotterdam citizen and a 31-year-old city council, reports the police. The 32-year-old man later died in the hospital, the other man is still being treated there.

The police arrested seven suspects for the shooting, including three women aged 15, 32 and 59 and four men aged 36 to 45 years. During the arrest several warning shots were fired by the police.

Feis broke through in 2007 with the song Klein, little boy he made with U-Niq. In 2014 he released his first solo album: Hard on the outside, broken inside . He worked with, among others, Winne, Kempi, Sjaak, Hef and Appa. He was also seen in the television program Ali B at full speed .