Ethnic violence in the unstable West African country lasted hundreds of lives last year.

In an attack on a village in the central part of Mali, 37 civilians were killed Tuesday. The Malian government reports this according to the Reuters news agency.

The attackers, dressed according to the government as Donzo hunters, attacked the village of Koulogan, which lies about 450 kilometers northeast of the capital Bamako. There was an unknown number of wounded. There are a number of children among the dead, reported AFP news agency. Some houses in the village were set on fire.

According to the government, the victims are Fulani, a people mainly from cattle farmers. In recent years, hundreds of people have been killed in ethnic conflicts between the different population groups in the country. This is how the Fulani fight against the Tuareg nomads.

Mali has been unstable since 2012, when Tuareg rebels with Islamic extremists took over the north of the country. France then intervened militarily. The conflict is erected by Islamic terrorist groups, who use the desert areas of the country as a base.