Roseanne Barr is working on a talk show on YouTube in which she will interview selected guests.


The American actress is going to make the program for her own YouTube channel and also does the production.

Barr has, according to TMZ, locked herself up in a studio of her son Jake Pentland last week and interviews with friends and family members.

Pentland says that he himself is one of the guests. In addition, Allan Stephan, producer of the original comedy series Roseanne, as well as her former manager Thomas Muhammad.

According to Pentland, this is “the only way to make a truly unfiltered and unmounted version” of his mother.


Barr posted a video on her YouTube channel on Friday in which she was once again asked for her racist tweets last May, where she burst out screaming.

With that she was referring to her tweets about Valerie Jarrett, who worked as an advisor to former US President Barack Obama. She described African-American Muslim Jarrett as a baby of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.

The outburst about Jarrett caused a lot of uproar. She got loads of criticism about her, whereupon ABC decided to immediately stop the comedy show Roseanne.