Rose McGowan did not expect Harvey Weinstein to ever be charged with rape. The actress is one of the key figures in the abuse case around the film producer and the inspired # MeToo movement.


“I did not expect that this day would ever come,” McGowan says on the television program Megyn Kelly Today  Friday. 

Harvey Weinstein has been formally charged with rape and other sexual offenses on Friday. The film producer has declared himself to the New York police on Friday. The judge has decided that Weinstein will be released for one million dollars on bail. His passport has also been withdrawn and he may only come to New York and Connecticut. In July, Weinstein has to go to court again.

McGowan says the news from Friday gives her “goose bumps”. “It’s unreal, it’s real, this whole thing, it feels like we’re living in a painting by Salvador DalĂ­, this is a complete attack on abuse of power, and this case shows people around the world that this is not possible and that is not allowed anymore.”

“The man who raped me was wearing handcuffs today,” McGowan says. “Since the news around Weinstein is known, even though his head can be seen everywhere, I finally have no more nightmares.”