The return of the foldable smartphone that everyone is talking about!

This is the return of rumors around foldable smartphones. While Apple is working on its model, that Samsung would launch his in 2019, it is the turn of Chinese Huawei to talk about him. And for good reason: the giant floor, according to ETNews, on a model with 8-inch screen – just that. No wonder when we know that Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu, was already working on a collapsible smartphone project in 2017 and that a prototype was already ready. MyDrivers also took the opportunity to give more precision on this 8-inch screen manufactured by BOE, a company already approached by others like Samsung, LG or Oppo …

A foldable smartphone with a size of 8 inches

8 inches is a fairly good size for a smartphone, even more when foldable. A smartphone whose screen is, according to ETNews, manufactured by the Chinese BOE. A firm already approached by LG, Oppo or Samsung in the past. As a reminder, this last board for several years on its foldable model whose name is none other than Galaxy X with a planned marketing for 2019.

For its part, the BOE company cited above is expected to present a collapsible smartphone prototype at the SID Display Week in Los Angeles. A smartphone with a size of 5.99 inches when folded and can display a large format of 7.56 inches – not far from the size wanted by Huawei. Cherry on the cake ? The technology used would be flexible AMOLEDs that can be folded, unfolded, rolled, etc. The built-in fingerprint reader would also be on the program. In other words, a real technological showcase for the giant.

According to recent rumors, Huawei should offer its foldable smartphone from the end of 2018. The giant will still face the Samsung Galaxy X who will play on the same field. The goal? Be adopted first and make the phone able to bend a new standard to buyers: difficult and risky bet!