For several years, Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix tried not to publicize their relationship and not share the details of their personal lives with journalists. Although the actors rarely manage to catch together, the new photos of the paparazzi gave reason to believe that the stars were engaged after two years of the novel.

The photographers managed to catch the actress while shopping in Los Angeles. In casual clothes and sunglasses, Rooney could not have attracted the attention of the paparazzi, if not for the diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand. Waiting for comments from the couple itself is not necessary, but the tabloids suggest that lovers are finally engaged, which means that this or next year their fans can expect a star wedding.

If the speculation is confirmed, then it will be the first engagement for Rooney and Joaquin. The stars played together in the Oscar-nominated film “She” in 2013, and later re-united on the set of “Mary Magdalene”. About star romance started talking only in 2017. At first, Phoenix representatives denied his relationship with the actress and claimed that they were exclusively friendly. However, in the same year, Rooney and Joaquin stopped hiding warm feelings for each other, and later admitted to The New York Times that they live together on Hollywood hills.