The 37-year-old wife of Prince William was a very popular girl at the university. Friends of Kate Middleton ( Kate Middleton) gave her a flattering definition.

The future wife of the heir to the British throne has always riveted on her eyes. In this case, the charm of Kate Middleton extended not only to the male. Even fellow student admitted , that she was very sweet and charming.

While studying at the University of St Andrews in Scotland Kate Middleton was a nice nickname ,which she gave her classmates. About this in the documentary film ” Prince William at Thirty” told a friend of Catherine and William , Helen McErdle.

“ From the first year I lived in a room next to Kate. Almost from day one, she was known as “Beautiful Kate” ( Beautiful Kate), Helen shared.

MakErdl told , that sociable girl did not have difficulties in communicating with their peers. “It is , of course , very quickly made friends with William and his friends from Eton – they formed a very close group,” – said MakErdl.

Kate and William met a few days after the prince arrived in St Andrews. At first they were linked by friendships , gradually they grew into romantic ones. Since they met in 2003 before the wedding took place eight years.