Rihanna would be so in love with her darling Hassan Jameel that she would consider moving to Paris. We tell you more!

Rihanna is obviously swimming in happiness right now! After several emotional failures, the international star seems to have found the good in the person of Hassan Jameel. If they are very discreet, they seem inseparable.

Moreover, according to our colleagues at Public.fr, Rihanna has gone into high gear with her darling. Indeed, the two lovebirds would intend to move together in France. And this is not a joke!


A new cocoon in the city of love?

Still according to Public.fr , Rihanna and Hassan Jameel would have visited several luxurious apartments in the French capital. As a result, they would both have set their sights on housing near the US embassy .

Just that ! Who knows, in the days to come, we may be able to meet the singer in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Notice to Parisians: open your eyes!