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Celine Dion Fails to Pepe Munoz, Her Dancing Friend …


Celine Dion had to give up going to Paris, where she had to find Pepe Munoz. She always looks very bad.

oncern exists around the health of Celine Dion. Indeed, the 49-year-old singer canceled no less than 7 concert dates in this month of January 2018. Each time, the reason given was that the artist “suffers from an irritation of the vocal cords because of a cold “.

Nevertheless, according to Closer , Celine Dion is in the middle of a burn-out.

She is very weak, has lost a lot of weight recently and her blood pressure is very low. His doctor has therefore prescribed an absolute rest for the moment.

Celine Dion can not even be present for Pepe Munoz

Pepe Munoz , the dancer of Celine Dion on his recent shows, has been exhibiting his drawings since January 22 at Galerie Sébastien Adrien , in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. His accomplice was to be present for his opening . Because she is one of her most faithful supporters.

Since she learned that I was drawing, Celine has never stopped encouraging me and helping me to publicize my work. She took me to magical places …

Confided Pepe Munoz to Gala only a few weeks ago.

Celine Dion had planned to make a jump to Paris . Unfortunately, because of her illness, the star stayed warm at home in Las Vegas.

trip canceled at the last minute because security barriers had been put in place before being withdrawn in front of the Royal Monceau, hotel where the singer resides during her travels in Paris …