On July 4, the day that America celebrates its independence, Rihanna reminds the world that it is immigrants who have made the country great.

“Everywhere I go, except Barbados, I am an immigrant”

The 31-year-old pop star is now also a designer. Page Six shows a photo of her in Barbados, where she originally came from, in a fashion look with a clear message. She is wearing a t-shirt from her own collection. The word ‘immigrant’ can be read in large letters on her back.

Rihanna launched the now sold out fashion line in response to President Trump’s controversial immigration policy. With the clothing, Rihanna refers to both the crisis on the American border and her own island origins.

“I am proud of the word immigrant,” Rihanna said earlier. “I realize that you can be of humble descent and then achieve everything you want to commit yourself to. The world becomes your oyster and there are no limits.”

The singer also said: “Everywhere I go, except Barbados, I am an immigrant. I think people often forget that. They see the Rihanna brand. But it’s important that people realize that if you love me, there many are like me. There are a million Rihannas in the world who are treated like dirt. “