Megan Markl and Prince Harry these days are absorbed in preparing for the christening of the son Archie Harrison, who are scheduled for this Saturday, however, the Duchess of Sussex could not miss the match between Kaya Yuvan and Serena Williams.

It’s no secret that Markle and Williams are old friends, so, as expected, on the evening of June 4, the former actress took her place on the podium to support the athlete. Megan’s company consisted of two of her university friends, Lindsay Ros and Genevieve Holis.

For an unofficial appearance, Markle chose blue jeans, a L’Agence brand summer jacket, a Lavender T-shirt, Finlay London sunglasses and a Madewell x Biltmore hat.

As for jewelry, on this day the duchess had earrings from Pippa Small and a ring (not counting the engagement, the design of which she had recently updated ) from Jessica McCormack, as well as the “A” pendant, which, apparently, Megan acquired after the birth of baby Archie.