Rihanna (32) made an impression on Saturday during the presentation of the NAACP Image Awards. In Los Angeles, the singer received the President’s Award, an honorary prize, and chose to make a powerful statement in her speech of thanks.

“It’s not really about me tonight”

“It’s not really about me tonight,” Rihanna said. She emphasized that it is not too late to solve all the problems in the world. “But we cannot do that if we are not on the same line. I cannot name that enough,” the singer says.

According to Rihanna, the thought ‘it’s your problem, not mine’ should be abandoned much more often. “How many people in this room have colleagues, partners and friends of different races, genders or religions? Our problems are also their problems. So when we take to the streets and protest, tell your friends to come too. Imagine what we can do together. “

The President’s Award is awarded annually to an individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to the community. Rihanna has had her own foundation for years, with which she has now raised millions of dollars for things like emergency aid and education abroad.

Last year Jay-Z received the honorary award from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The award went to Spike Lee, Muhammad Ali and Venus and Serena Williams, among others.