A fortune of 61 million dollars, all to charity. Kirk Douglas , who died a few weeks ago at the age of 103, has left nothing to his son Michael, but all his luck will go to the Douglas Foundation, whose purpose is “to help those who cannot help themselves”. It must be said that, with an estimated assets of 300 million dollars, Michael Douglas did not exactly need the legacy of the famous father.

Kirk Douglas dead, the last battle of Spartacus: he leaves at 103 years old
Kirk Douglas, Spartacus of Hollywood: he was 103 years old. Michael on Fb: «Dad, I love you so much»

But who are the beneficiaries? St Lawrence University, with a scholarship for minority or less privileged students, Westwood’s Sinai Temple, home of Kirk and Anne Douglas Childhood Center, Culver City’s Kirk Douglas Theater, a cinema that has been turned into a theater, and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.