Rihanna has many projects in mind in addition to her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty. The woman will soon be in the cinema for a new movie!

Rihanna has been everywhere this year and the young woman is not done yet.Indeed, it will soon be showing a brand new film in the cinema!


Rihanna has become a very influential woman and the year 2017 seems to have brought her luck. Indeed, the woman has developed her cosmetics brand from Fenty Beauty. In a few weeks, she had a real success and decided to continue to develop other products. Thus, his fans will soon be able to test his new lipsticks to be released on December 26th.

In addition to being a singer and a real businesswoman, Rihanna has also embarked on film. Thus, his fans could see him in the science fiction filmValerian and the City of a thousand planets Luc Besson. The woman had a small role but she managed to seduce the audience. So, she decided to put the cover and she will soon play in the movie Ocean’s 8!


Rihanna’s fans will soon be able to see her again at the cinema. Indeed, the celebrity has been selected to play in the Ocean’s sequel: Ocean’s 8. For this new film, the cast is entirely female and the singer will play alongside Cate Blanchette , Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson and Mindy Kaling. For this new film, the star will put in the skin of one of the eight thieves of the film.

 The poster for the film was finally unveiled and Rihanna is in 5th position from the left. The women all wear sunglasses not to be recognized. In the photo, the celebrity really has class with his green coat and he is sure that his fans will love the film. Especially since the poster of Ocean’s 8 reveals that all the women on the poster have ” each his specialty “. So, we are already wondering what the character of Rihanna will be able to do!

The movie Ocean’s 8 will be released in theaters in the summer of 2018!