The singer said that doing the first thing in the morning and answered the question about the wedding

On the eve of the site of the publication Interview appeared a beautiful shot of Rihanna and the interview, which she gave to her colleague the movie set Sarah Paulson, with whom they played together in the film “Eight Friends of Ocean”.

We decided to quote the most curious excerpts from their conversation :

Sarah Paulson: What is the biggest misconception about you?

Rihanna: People don’t know that I’m shy.

PS: I know about it. The fact is that when I first saw you, you were shy.

R: As I pretend not to be shy, people around me consider me confident. But I’m so shy that I don’t even want them to know that I’m shy.

PS: Who are you dating?

R .: Google to help.

PS: Are you in love?

R .: Of course.

PS:  Are you going to marry him?

PS: She is silent!

R: God only knows. If you want to make God laugh – tell him about your plans, do they say so?

PS: Do you want to be a mother?

R: More than anything.

PS: What do you do first when you wake up in the morning?

R: I pray.