The incident occurred at the fashionable hotel in Munich. The victim insulted Till Lindemann’s companion, writes Das Bild.

 Ramlestein frontman Till Lindemann quarreled with one of the hotel guests in Munich and broke his jaw. About this on Tuesday, June 11, the newspaper Das Bild .

It is noted that last week the group stopped in Munich at the fashionable hotel Bayerischer Hof. On Saturday night, June 8, Lindemann drank beer in the hotel bar with a friend and friend named Lana. Before this, a 54-year-old resident of Hamburg asked the singer to take a selfie, but Lindemann refused him. As the newspaper points out, the alleged fan did not let up and began to insult Lana at the bar. Lindemann wanted to make him apologize to the woman, resulting in a scuffle. Rammstein frontman hit the offender with his elbow in the face, after which he immediately fell. The hotel staff called the police. According to the publication, the man received a broken jaw. The police said they had received a statement about the injury. Lindemann himself has not yet commented on what happened.