After singer Chris Brown (31) assaulted his ex-partner Rihanna (32) in 2009, Rihanna was more concerned about Brown than herself. The singer tells this in the SuperSoul Conversations podcast by Oprah Winfrey (66).

“Felt like he was the only one hated”

“It felt like he was the only one hated,” says ‘Riri’. “It was strange and confusing because I was angry and hurt and because I felt betrayed, but he made the mistake because he needed help then.”

Just before the Grammy Awards in 2009, Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend. He confessed to the abuse and was later sentenced to a five-year suspended sentence.

Despite the incident, Rihanna says she still loves Chris Brown. “We’ve worked on our friendship and are now very, very good friends. We’ve rebuilt trust.”