The main battle operator told about the stop word for actors and changes in the script during the filming of the episode of the Battle of Bastards, which received three Emmy.

The television series operator Game of Thrones, Sean Savage, described how the “Battle of the Bastards” scene was created. This episode of the sixth season is considered the most epic. The video with interviews and moments of filming appeared on the Game-Thrones YouTube channel.

Shaun Savage has been shooting battle scenes for the Game of Thrones since 2010. He considers the Battle of Bastards to be “the most beloved scene of eight years of work.”

According to the operator, the moment when John Snow was knocked down and practically crushed with his bodies was not so spelled out in the script. For the actor Keith Harington even came up with a stop word, so that in case of danger to the life of the film crew, you could quickly stop work. The moment where John Snow comes out of the pile of bodies was also not in the script.

Savage notes that “real struggle is visible” in this scene. In 2016, this episode received three Emmy Awards: for the best script of a dramatic series, directing and special effects.