In this heartbreaking sci-fi thriller, Keanu Reeves’s character tries to bring his family back to death.

Although Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Traitor of the Day After Tomorrow) and Chad St. John (Attack of the White House Against The Punisher: Dirty Laundry), a feature film from Replicas, was released last October trailer, the film has not appeared since then and two countries (Lithuania, the Netherlands) have not yet been announced when to get it. But there is huge potential in both the concept and the protagonist. 

According to the story, a scientist named Will Foster ( Keanu Reeves ) is obsessed with being able to transpose human consciousness into a mechanical body, but before the breakthrough, his family dies in a terrible car accident. Will refuses to abandon his lover, so he tries to bring them back to life by cloning them. However, sooner or later he will realize that it is not possible to play godlessly. The latest movie trailer is no less heartbreaking than the previous one: 


It was not easy for the actor, as his personal tragedies are like ghostly in the story of the Replicas: in 1999 they had been expecting a young girlfriend with an old girlfriend, actress Jennifer Syme, but their daughter was dead, but they could not process it and broke in a few months, depressed Syme suffered a deadly car accident in 2001. With the exception of sci-fi excitation, it will be like we’re going to get into a painful part of Reeves’s life, which is likely to reflect his face as well. 

Alice Eve, Thomas Middleditch and John Ortiz are also in the roles, and this is the date announced by Entertainment Studios. We hope for a Hungarian premiere as well.