To see Eva Mendes at secular events is almost impossible – if the paparazzi manage to photograph the actress, then, as a rule, rare family outings somewhere to have supper. The other day, however, Eva came out – the actress visited the presentation of a new collection of New York & Company in Los Angeles.

On the big screen, Eva Mendes does not appear since 2014, when she became a mother for the first time, but continues to withdraw for photo sessions and advertising campaigns – especially if it’s advertising for her own collections of fashion clothes, such as a new video:


Communicating with journalists at the presentation of the new collection, Eve told why she rarely appears in public: “I’m just so obsessed with children that I do not want to leave them,” the actress admitted. “They’re still so small!”

Recall, Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling raise two daughters – 4-year-old Esmeralda and 2-year-old Amadou.