Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong is single again. It’s out with her boyfriend Jordi. 


Jordi told his story to Shownieuws.  “I’m a little bit finished with all the things that are said about me, it’s really sheer nonsense, Samantha and I have decided to quit because this is not going to work, it has destroyed our relationship.”

The now ex-28-year-old De Jong was refused entry to the hospital when the reality star landed there in January after her suicide attempt. That still bothered Jordi. “I get so much negativity over me, I do not feel like it anymore, unfortunately, I did not want it that way, but it’s not for us.”

The break with Jordi is heavy for De Jong, after she has not been in her shoes for the last few months. She leaned heavily on her “support and refuge”, she said earlier. “Jordi was there for me in everything, that was the way I met him.” Girl, do you have so much of what’s going on in your head, “he said.

De Jong recently saw her children leave: daughter Angelina (5) and son Milano (2) moved to Spain with their father Michael van der Plas.