Next Sunday at the Oscars another statue for best film would be presented to the winner of last year, Moonlight. 


Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway will re-appear , according to Us Magazine, to hand over the Oscar.  

In 2017 a mistake was made with the envelopes during the presentation. The accountants who were responsible for this accidentally exchanged the envelope containing the winner.  

As a result, the Beatty and Dunaway, instead of  Moonlight, announced  La La land as the winner. The whole cast of  La La Land had already gathered on stage, when producer Jordan Horrowitz corrected the mistake and handed the Oscar to the makers of  Moonlight

Because the presentation was so messy, the makers of Moonlight would get the chance to take the time this year. “The Academy wants to give Moonlight a new chance to re-accept their Oscar, and Faye and Warren will hand out the statuette as the first award of the evening,” said a source opposite the entertainment website.

The Academy Awards, which will take place for the ninetieth time this year, will be presented on Sunday 4 March.