The phone will benefit from an update of its data sheet while the FCC certification has been passed.

At the time of standardization of our smartphones, today all with similar features and a famous notch, some try to propose a different result. This is particularly the case of RED Hydrogen One, the project of a firm called RED and specialized in cameras and video devices. Only here: the output of the phone is once again rejected. A delay explained by many certifications to pass for the smartphone while one of the most important has already been gleaned: that of the FCC.

The holographic smartphone of the firm RED repulsed

For the moment, the RED Hydrogen One has passed the most important certification: that of the FCC. However, others have not been obtained and reject the release of the holographic smartphone that has made much of him on the web. It must be said that the existing models are very similar while the smartphone company RED wants to propose something new, new.

Note that the RED Hydrogen One should know an update in terms of its technical characteristics and perhaps accommodate a Snapdragon 845. Everything should, according to the FCC sheet, offer a battery of 4510 mAh in more than one modular sensor. As a reminder, RED is a firm specializing in cinematographic devices. In other words, the quality of the material, on that side, should be at the rendezvous. Not to mention that the phone will use 4-View technology for a “holographic” display (in relief) without the need for glasses as usual.

Price level, it speaks of a price exceeding the 1000 dollars for the RED Hydrogen One.